Beyond Business as Usual – The New York Times

Beyond Business as Usual – The New York Times

Let’s just get this out of the way first: Thank god there was no #Wangfest.

After two seasons of a show-that-was-actually-a-party, complete with kegs, strobes, a faux standing-room-only audience (when there are no seats, there is no choice) and the premise that atmosphere was more important than actual product — because hey! Instagram! — Alexander Wang went back to basics and held a show in which you could see the clothes.


That it was also his last one on the official New York Fashion Week calendar (he will move to pre-collection schedule in June and December, because it’s better for retail deliveries); and that it took place on the 21st floor of the former Condé Nast headquarters in Times Square, under neon lights and atop industrial gray office carpeting; and that instead of advertising it with a hashtag, he advertised it as the Alexander Wang Group, or AWG, seemed to hold all sorts of potential meaning. About business (his own commitment to such) and maybe women in the boardroom (he has a new female chief executive) or perhaps just the increasingly confused corporate environment, with its even more confused dress codes.

Or maybe it was all an ironic commentary on the perception that he was prioritizing parties over profits? That would be awfully self-referential.

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