‘New California’ begins battle to become 51st state

‘New California’ begins battle to become 51st state

A group in California is trying to break away from the more urban areas of the Golden State.


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  1. Kathy Mirick

    Dear God in heaven, the Liberal Communists are trying to turn Texas into a s***hole just like California. They are working overtime to turn it Blue. God help us all. Texas will go to s**t under Liberal control just like every other state they Control now. WE HAVE TO FIGHT THIS HARD.

  2. Zeryk

    This is what happens when our leaders are leftist, people get fed up with the BS and try to leave due to horrible policies.(look at all the inner cities, run by leftist and have massive crime rates)

  3. Paul F

    Decades of insane laws .Crazy spending and becoming the largest Sanctuary state to illegals have destroyed and will continue to destroy Cali. Formerly the 4th largest economy in the world they are now 8th and falling. Millions have fled the insane taxes, Overreaching laws,Unjustified billions spent on crazy projects. WA,TX and AZ thank Cali daily. This is exactly what is happening in IL who overtook Cali after 75yrs of liberal dems destroying the economy in IL, it is more in debt per person than Cali ! Probably because millions have fled Cali! When Illegals can go to your state college for 1/2 the price of a tax paying state citizen your govt is Not working for you, but against you! ( As in Cali. ) If there are any hard working middle class folks left in Cali they would save tons of taxes by moving into New Cali (if they aren't already) they will probably have english taught and spoken at the local public school for a change, and have a Government who actually cares about the hard working tax paying American citizens (instead of trying to bring in new illegals as voters and get them on the gov dole)

  4. ItIsOK tobeWhite

    I think this is a really great idea for states that have large farm/rural areas that are governed by large population cities. These farmers really don't have anyone who represents them so they want the power to decide for themselves the issues that affect them that don't affect people living in the larger cities.

  5. Siax28

    Being from a section that would be classified as "new California" it makes sense. Look at past voting maps, this side of California doesn't exactly agree most of the time with that side of California. And being a voter in this section it is frustrating when you know you're vote most likely won't "count" because the other side determines the state. That's why presidential candidates only go to those cities. Because those cities win elections. And all this side wants is to be able to voice an opinion.

  6. mek86.2

    Why would you say not likely? There is a very good chance of this happening now. Most of the areas of the state aren't represented by the current government and only those cities seem to be putting in their agenda. I'm from that state, the reason I left was because of the BS from the state government. If they do this, i just might move back there

  7. Mike Mac

    All the sick liberal states are gonna fight like they never have before, to keep sucking the money from their conservative areas. They need those areas to help fund their insane, perverted ideologies.

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