Senator Booker’s passionate fiery speech during Senate hearing

Senator Booker’s passionate fiery speech during Senate hearing

Senator Cory Booker got heated up delivering a passionate speech about President Trump’s reported comments about immigrants.

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  1. ObjectiveBob

    I think maybe Booker thought this melodramatic speech might go viral and make him famous in time for his 2020 presidential bid. Instead it ended up being supremely cringeworthy, and exposed him as the phony, empty-suit politician he is.

  2. RxBigRed wb

    If this is not worth getting mad about… where do you draw your line? Our commander just talked shit about an entire continent and the people in it… and then lies about what he said… just like he has lied almost every time he has opened his mouth. He says things that directly contradict fact, just because he saw it on Fox or it sounds good for him. For example, he claims that most domestic terrorism in America was caused by non-Americans, when in fact it has been out for a while that homegrown American extremists are typically the cause. Just like he says he never wanted to be president, and then goes on about how he will win the next 4 years in office. direct contradiction and y'all don't even see it, or at least don't care.

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