Shaun White: ‘Here to talk about the Olympics, not gossip.’

Shaun White: ‘Here to talk about the Olympics, not gossip.’

Reporter asked American snowboarder and 2018 gold medalist Shaun White about sexual harassment allegations by Lena Zawaideh.

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  1. Cherie Laub

    Is that what you call reporting? That guy totally screwed up on his assignment you should never went there in the first place we are at the Olympics we're talking about his gold medal not his private life did you get that before you went to report the news?


    Just another wanna be "journalist" turd digging for tabloid material. Totally not the place or time to ask such a stupid question. He should be fired for being an opportunistic d-bag with zero journalistic integrity.

  3. karen taylor

    Shaun so proud of everything you put into your runs and you came back with your strong work ethic and your a true competitor, Shochi was a opportunity to reset yourself! You maybe 31 but your still at the top! You pushed the sport forward and made it main stream and a must watch sport! Your fellow competitor's push you to be a even better competitor today! In turn it raises all your games! So thanks for being you and you'll always be a true pioneer of the snowboarding sport, a true legend period. Congrats on your Gold medal and having now brought US its 100th Gold medal!

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