The Actors Company Theater Set to Close This Year

The Actors Company Theater Set to Close This Year


From left, Jeremy Beck, Karl Kenzler and Joel Jones at a reading of “Three Wise Guys.”

TACT (Jonathan Weber)

After being in operation for almost a quarter of a century, the Actors Company Theater has announced that it will close in April.

On Friday, the company said that “Three Wise Guys” would be its final production. The play is scheduled to run from Feb. 9 to Apr. 14 at the Beckett Theater at Theater Row

Scott Alan Evans, the company’s artistic executive director, said by phone that the theater’s leadership had decided it would be better to close while the company was successful rather than attempt to fill artistic vacancies that have occurred over the years. He said the city is no longer lacking in theater groups dedicated to under-appreciated and rarely seen plays, as it was when the Actors Company was founded in 1992. This, too, contributed to the decision.

In a statement Mr. Evans said, “We are proud to have actually fulfilled what we set out to do: to create an artistic home for a company of theater artists that reveals, reclaims and reimagines great plays of literary merit, creating an intimate theater experience for its audience by focusing on the text and the actor’s ability to bring it to life.”

The troupe’s final production is based on two Damon Runyon stories, “The Three Wise Guys” and “Dancing Dan’s Christmas.” The play, written by Mr. Evans and Jeffrey Couchman, is a comedy about three New Yorkers who flee the city to avoid a racketeer they’ve run afoul of. It was developed for the troupe as part of its new play program.

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