What Jeb Bush thinks President Trump should stop doing

What Jeb Bush thinks President Trump should stop doing

Former presidential candidate and Florida governor Jeb Bush says he wants President Trump to succeed, but doesn’t believe he can unless some things change.


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  1. put trump on admin leave

    deregulation is not good for employees or consumers.

    The economy may be good but good for who? corporations & the wealthy?
    148,000 jobs created in Dec 2016 is great but the benefit goes to businesses
    1) deregulation for restaurant owners who can now confiscate tips
    2) deregulation so businesses can discriminate against disabled & minorities
    3) deregulation so banks can mistreat their customers & mortgage holders
    4) deregulation so businesses can pollute our water & air

  2. Scene N. Herd

    Bush family hates Trump… you gotta know every hitman from the eisenhower whitehouse to now on the Agency's payroll is like "ok, who needs some help guys"? They live for this. My guess is they proxy up a fake Muslim suicide bomber to blow up trumps plane and they do a two-for-one thing–off Trump and the GOP starts the big holy war they were going after with 9/11 that Uncle Dick couldn't quite engineer. Bush= REAL deep state…

  3. stepitup

    jeb who??? isn't that the guy that Trump kicked the shit out of in the primaries?  Hey jeb, if you don't like trump I have a way to show you mean it… take every penny you have out of the stock market and give any gains from the last year and give it to your favorite abortion clinic.  You lost, get the F#%k over it!

  4. Dove Smiling

    You know what Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton have in common? They both felt entitled to the keys of the White House. She being a former first lady married to President Clinton. He being the son to the first President Bush and the brother to the second President Bush. It wasn't meant to be because the people had it with entitlements.

  5. Mike Hunt

    The son of the sex pervert CIA director, George Bush, who undermined Reagan at every opportunity tells us who is the "real conservative." Never Trumpers, your hero Bush is a proven sex pervert now confirmed going back to at least his time as President. Of course he treated sex pervert Clinton as a brother by another mother.

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