Adam Rippon is a homosexual rights amabassador

Adam Rippon is a homosexual rights amabassador

American determine skater Adam Rippon was impressed by fellow skater Ashley Wagner to talk out.


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  1. Leotisone

    Adam Rippon is a disrepectfull, ungrateful disgusting dweeb who should not be permitted on the team! You think I've got a bad opinion of him? Read your Bible and see what God's opinion is! He's no frigin hero.He's definatly no role model,and he definately does not represent the VAST mijority of Americans! He's a punk!

  2. Дмитрий Тэлин

    Я из России (I'm from Russia). And I support human's rights of LGBT. I absolutely respect people's choice if they choice been made in non under purposeful influence on a mind. But – actually, Russia's antigay-propaganda's law is just for the protect of LGBT's information for a childrens. That's all.

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