Grownup movie star talked affair with Trump in 2011 interview

Grownup movie star talked affair with Trump in 2011 interview

In accordance with a brand new report, grownup film actress Stormy Daniels, who denied having an extramarital affair with Donald Trump again in 2006, instructed a unique story in 2011.


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  1. Daryl Leckt

    rush limbaugh and newt gingrich taught during the clinton administration that a POTUS's sex life matters.
    hold congressional hearings and demand sworn statements about trumps sex life.
    include the russian hookers pissing on him.
    if trump will betray his wife to get laid he will betray america to get pissed on.

  2. Lance Morrison

    Yeah we all know this story unfortunately, we're all too busy with the current shitstorm President fucktard has created. The shutdown is looming and President fucktard is in the crossfires. He the "fake" President,the Republican house, the Republican senate will own it! We'll get back to Stormy in good time. LET'S NOT LOSE OUR FOCUS DEMS.!!!

  3. Ella Huddleston

    If Government shuts down will Congress get paid? President Trump don't break down and give in to the Democrats and Republicans that are trying to take you down. If you do they will try to black mail you again. You aren't a Boss for nothing.

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