Kayayo: Ghana’s Residing Buying Baskets | Little one rights

Kayayo: Ghana’s Residing Buying Baskets | Little one rights

A movie by Mari Bakke Riise

In Accra, 1000’s of women from the age of six work as market porters, often known as ‘dwelling purchasing baskets’ or ‘kayayei’.

The women rise at daybreak every day to hold heavy hundreds on their heads for merchants and buyers within the bustling market’s of the Ghanian capital.

Bamunu is eight years outdated. She hasn’t seen her household since they despatched her away from their residence in a rural northern village two years in the past to work as a kayayo.

“Kayayo means ‘girl-carrier’ within the Ga language,” says Mari Bakke Riise, the movie’s director. “[They carry] heavy hundreds on their head – from 130 to 220 kilos – [earn] little or no, and a few find yourself in prostitution to make ends meet so they are going to get sufficient cash to help their household.”

Every day, Bamunu saves what little cash she will to ship to her household. She longs to return residence and, greater than something, to go to high school.

When she receives a name to return to her village, Bamunu’s pleasure is gigantic, however the homecoming proves bittersweet.

Two years in the past, Bamunu’s household despatched her to Accra to work as a kayayo [Courtesy of Integral Film AS]

Supply: Al Jazeera

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